Safe Money From Food : South East Food

Safe Money From Food: A Recipe for Success

This one day workshop was run by Bega Valley Shire Council and SCPA-South East Producers in Bega in September 2014.

The workshop is designed to help home-based food producers and those selling food through events such as markets and festivals to get on top of food safety requirements , keep the customers safe and healthy, and  have a secure business with a healthy profit.


Bugs In My Soup: The Science Of Food, How It Really Works – Stan Soroka (Eden Smokehouse)

Food Regulations – Greg O'Donnell (Bega Valley Shire Environmental Health)

How To Make Things Nice and Legal Part 1  - Patrick Cornthwaite (Cranky Pants Cafe)

How To Make Things Nice and Legal Part 2  - Patrick Cornthwaite (Cranky Pants Cafe)

How To Make Things Nice and Legal Part 3  - Patrick Cornthwaite (Cranky Pants Cafe)

Accounting For Small Businesses
  - Andrew Blaxter (Kothes Chartered Accountants)

Lawyering For Small Businesses - Steven Clark (Clark Rideaux Solicitors)

Business Planning - Kris Laird (Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre)


Guidelines For Home-Based Businesses – Ensuring food safety (Bega Valley Shire Council)

Guidelines For Food Businesses At Temporary Events (NSW Food Authority)

Temporary Food Stall Artist's Impression (Qld Local Government Tool Box)

Guidelines For Mobile Food Vending Vehicles (NSW Food Authority)

Tips For Selling Food At Farmers' Markets (Your Local Markets)

Taste Testing (Toolbox – council knowledge network)

Standard 3.2.2 – Food Safety Practices and General Requirements (Australian Food Standards Code)

Standard 3.2.3 – Food Premises and Equipment (Australian Food Standards Code)

Product Testing Services: Sonic Food and Water Testing

Food Labeling Website

Home-Based Business FAQ - Bega Valley Shire Council

Websites For Small Businesses - Bega Valley Shire Council

SCPA wishes to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians and Elders of this land.